Building a stable stock portfolio for 2022

In the past I was reluctant to HODL big techs because they are too slow. Nobody wants to get rich slowly. I knew many stock newbies try to go all-in on speculative stocks or momentum stocks and hope that they will make 10x or 100x profit overnight. But that’s not realistic. There may be one or two persons who will be able to 10x or 100x their asset but most of them will just get wiped out not even in a bear market or market crash but in a mere market correction.

Consistency is the utmost important. So, my game plan for 2022 will be holding big tech stocks and performing even fewer trades than in 2021, unless market condition turns really bad or I see other great opportunities. When my portfolio grows larger and larger, I become more and more conservative. I know that growing 10% to 20% a year is already pretty good.

So, here is the list of stocks that I may pick for my core holdings: Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Meta Platform (FB) and Nvidia (NVDA). Isn’t it boring?

To make it more interesting, I only pick two out of the seven big techs: TSLA and NVDA. These two are more of the new big techs while others are old big techs. Normally I prefer a software company than a hardware company but why picking hardware companies this time? In my previous post, I have mentioned the reason why I invested in TSLA: it’s becoming a software-first (AI-first) company, and it takes a “Apple model” path, with highly integrated hardware and software. I see the same thing in NVDA. Nvidia is also becoming a software-first (AI-first) company.

I expect both stocks will grow at least 20%-30% in 2022. Let’s wait and see.

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