Subscription.txt: My method of content consumption

I don’t read news, don’t have any social media accounts for consuming content, and hate the addictive news feeds of social media sites. How do I “follow” or “subscribe” to my favorite content? What if there are some YouTube channels I want to subscribe to? I’ve been trying a method which I call subscription.txt. As…More

iPad is not for productivity

In WWDC 2021, Apple revealed more productivity features of iPad (again), such as the “improved and intuitive” multitasking experience (which is not intuitive at all) and the enhanced handoff feature, letting you seamlessly move stuff across iDevices (which tricks you into buying even more iDevices). What can be achieved on a cheap desktop now can be…More

Time is a priceless asset

Learning how to invest has completely changed how I perceive the values of things and make decisions. In the investment world, different asset classes like stocks, bonds and commodities have their own risks, scarcity and potential return. You have to proactively assess the dynamically-changing risk factors of each asset class, and put the right amount…More

Financial independence: How much do you need

In this article, we will work out a rough number of how much you need to achieve financial independence and the path to get there. I’ve been asked this question so many times that I think it’s worth writing it down formally. This piece will be extremely pragmatic and no BS. My definition of financial…More

I don’t think cryptocurrencies will succeed

I bought and sold cryptocurrencies, making some profit, but I’m not a great believer in them. I bet on Bitcoin and Ethereum because I thought their prices would appreciate. I sold them later because I thought the market was overheat. Will Bitcoin rise to $500,000? Perhaps. But that’s nothing to do with the success of…More