Stop living in the past

I had an old blog written in Chinese. Two questions come to my mind:

1. Should I translate the articles and rewrite them in English?
2. Should I maintain my old blog written in Chinese?

The idea of translating my old articles looks enticing. I can generate high throughput without much efforts. But I immediately abandon this idea because my objective of writing is to do more thinking. I can foresee that most of my time would be spent on translation instead of thinking if I were to rewrite the old articles.

Now that I have started writing in English, should I delete my old blog? Emotionally I want to keep it as I have spent considerable amount of time writing the articles. But I ask myself, “will I re-read my old posts?” Probably not. Can I recall the important ideas generated when I wrote the articles? Probably yes as they are so important that I won’t forget them. So, the old blog is no longer needed. Mission accomplished. I decided to delete it.

Time and time again, I come across similar situations and struggle to make a choice: new shiny (but unknown) stuff VS old comfortable stuff. As a minimalist, I realize that I can just forget the past and go on a new journey. At first, it’s hard to give up what I’m comfortable with doing, but with enough practice, now it becomes easier and easier, and it almost always turns out to be a better choice.

In reality, however, many people seem to enjoy living in the past and don’t move on.

A classic example is that people, particularly those who think they are experienced, always brag about their outdated knowledge or reminisce about the good old days. They think they are entitled to do so just because of living longer, but they never learn what’s happening now.

Another situation would be comfortable with doing certain thing in a certain way like staying at the same job for 20 years, or being addicted to call a meeting whenever things need to be discussed. People are afraid of jumping out of their comfort zone and making a change unless they’re forced to do so, like what happened in this pandemic.

The most negative one would be someone who has gone through a trauma and not been able to recover from it.

I always remind myself not to live in the past. That will allow me to reinvent myself. Throwing away old things may look like wasting them, but I’m more prepared than others to take risks, adopt changes and overcome adversities.

Want to delete my old blog? Just delete it!

Don’t want to keep social media accounts? Delete them!

Jump to another field and make my work experience irrelevant? Scary but why not!

Something bad happened to me? Not that big a deal. Just forget it!

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