Writing procrastination

I always want to write consistently, but it failed. No, I lied. I’m actually be able to write blogs in a consistent way (weekly) but not in the way I wanted. Let me explain.

I often try different blogging platforms, from Geocities to blogger.com, then to self-hosted WordPress, hosted WordPress, static site generator via Hexo, finally back to hosted WordPress. It looks like there are some blogging tools out there that will magically solve my motivation issue, but in reality they won’t. Even worst, I have bought (and later discarded) several domain names, hoping that these will further motivate myself and build my personal brand. It doesn’t. I’m surprised that many bloggers-to-be behave exactly like me. Efforts spending on tinkering with tools exceed the actual writing. I have an illusion that I’m busy working on content creation, but I could’ve achieved much more by just otherwise doing my actual writing.

Here comes the Hey World. It looks promising, simple and elegant. I’ve no choice but to write. It seems to be the place that I’ll settle in.

I only explained the first half of why I procrastinate. In fact, as I said, I have a consistent writing habit, just that my nomadic writing behavior impedes the development of a single place where I can organize, reflect and consolidate my random thoughts. I’m able to write weekly in a platform for a few months, then moving to another platform for absolutely no strong reason. Many innovative and inspiring ideas may be lost and wasted.

Oh, I forgot to mention that all my previous public writings are in Chinese. Writing in a non-native language, English, is a hurdle to me, not because I’m not able to write in plain and clear English but now I have to think in English which is a whole new world for me.

I’m not saying that this time is different. Everytime a new writing platform pops up, writers are emotionally aroused and say “I’m going to write.” But very often, writers are unable to tell why they want to write and hence unable to deliver.

This is not a problem for me. I know exactly why I want to write from the very beginning. I don’t care whether my writings can attract millions of views. I don’t want to argue whether blogging is dead and I need to be present in social media instead. I just want to write down my thoughts which can be revisited later. I just want to enjoy the progress of thinking while I write. I just want to sow the seeds on the internet where opportunities and connections can come out of nowhere.

Now, I sowed my first seed. I’m quite confident that it will some day grow into a big tree.

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