Ditch Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are indispensable to most people. You scroll mindlessly every day for information and entertainment on Facebook and Instagram. Tools like Google search, Gmail, Google maps, Google Drive and YouTube are convenient and, more importantly, free. In recent years, however, people start to realize that free is actually expensive in the sense that you instead pay…More

Why I don’t read news

People spend hours reading news on newspaper, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, forums like Reddit, etc. An avalanche of information stifles us every single day. But is it useful? Is it worth spending my precious time keeping up with the latest news? My answer is no. I don’t read news anymore. Let’s…More

Writing procrastination

I always want to write consistently, but it failed. No, I lied. I’m actually be able to write blogs in a consistent way (weekly) but not in the way I wanted. Let me explain. I often try different blogging platforms, from Geocities to blogger.com, then to self-hosted WordPress, hosted WordPress, static site generator via Hexo, finally…More